The Steel Deck Institute was formed to bring uniformity to the design, manufacture, quality control and construction practices applicable to cold-formed steel decking.


Please visit our standards page to download any of the following ANSI/SDI standards:
  • ANSI/SDI C-2011 - Composite Steel Floor Deck - Slabs
  • ANSI/SDI QA/QC-2011 - Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Installation of Steel Deck
  • ANSI/SDI T-CD-2011 - Test Standard for Composite Steel Deck - Slabs
  • ANSI/SDI RD-2010 - Standard for Steel Roof Deck
  • ANSI/SDI NC-2010 - Standard for Non-Composite Steel Floor Deck

ANSI Information

Visit our ANSI Information page to learn more about the SDI as an Accredited Standards Developer.

SDI Anniversary

The SDI recently celebrated it's 75th anniversary and we are proud of this milestone. Visit our anniversary page to see how we've evolved over the years and to find out what's on deck for our next 75 years.


The following SDI specifications are now available:
SDI Short Form Specifications for Steel Roof Deck, Composite Floor Deck and Non-Composite Floor Deck (2014).

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Download our Steel Deck Institute Manual of Construction with Steel Deck (No. MOC2). Please note: This manual is also available in a pocket sized hard copy which can be ordered from our order form page.

The First Edition of the recently released SDI Floor Deck Design Manual (FDDM) and the previously released First Edition of the Roof Deck Design Manual (RDDM) continue the efforts of past Steel Deck Institute publications to provide the design community with valuable information for the proper design and use of steel decks. This manual is now available.

The First Edition, RDDM, of the SDI Roof Deck Design Manual continues the efforts of the Steel Deck Institute to provide uniform industry standards for the engineering, design, manufacture and field usage of steel decks.

Visit our order form page to purchase RDDM and FDDM as a bundle and save $25.00 over the cost of separate purchase.

SDI news and updates

  • SDI Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

    STEEL DECK - Steel Roof and Floor Deck

  • Available Now

    The Fourth Edition of the SDI Diaphragm Design Manual (DDM04) complies with the requirements of the new ANSI/AISI S310-2013 North American Standard for the Design of Profiled Steel Diaphragm Panels. It includes new and expanded design examples and diaphragm strength tables.

  • New – SDI White Paper

    Our newest white paper Fundamentals of Corrosion and Their Application to Steel Deck - No. FCASD is now available. PLEASE NOTE: this paper supersedes our original white paper on this topic - No. SDCP.

  • Now available – COSP14

    SDI Code of Standard Practice 2014 – No. COSP14 replaces our previous edition – COSP 2012. This version provides the latest industry standard information as to the sale, manufacture and installation of steel deck. COSP14 can be downloaded from our Manuals and Handbooks page.

  • SDI White Paper

    Visit our White Papers page to download our latest white paper, Diaphragm Analysis with Skew Walls – No. SKEW.

  • SDI Position Statement

    Our newest position statement, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Guidance is now available. Visit our Position Statement page to download this paper.