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The Steel Deck Institute has developed a series of webinars for the design community. These webinars focus on steel roof deck design, composite and non-composite floor deck design, diaphragm design and quality control/quality assurance for the installation of steel deck. The content incorporates the guidelines from the various ANSI Standards pertaining to each subject and the new design manuals being introduced by the SDI. The following webinars are now available:


SDI Webinar - Designing with Steel Floor Deck
SDI Webinar - Designing with Steel Floor Deck
The Steel Deck Institute is pleased to be partnering with associate member Simpson Strong-Tie to present "Designing with Steel Floor Deck". This webinar will expand your knowledge of steel floor deck by introducing you to the benefits, manufacturing processes, shapes, properties, and finishes of this product. Basis of this presentation is SDI's new Floor Deck Design Manual (FDDM). Various floor deck design considerations will be explored as well as an overall coverage of fasteners and industry construction practices. Gain an in depth coverage of floor deck as we examine specific tables and examples from FDDM. At the conclusion of this webinar you will have the knowledge to design with steel floor deck more efficiently while potentially reducing the cost of construction. One free copy of FDDM is included per registration and participants will earn 2 CEU's. Sign up now! You will enter registration details after checkout.

TIME: 11am – 12:30pm Eastern - Please note: Webinars are scheduled to last for 90 minutes. Afterwards, there is a quiz to be taken and passed before continuing education credits are issued.

Michael Martignetti – Engineering Manager at CANAM/ United Steel Deck
Mike Antici – Engineer at Vulcraft (a Nucor Company)

DATES: 10/22/2014 and 11/12/2014
Price: $150.00
# of Registrants :